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Makar Productions - Trouble Sleeping

Trouble Sleeping

Trouble Sleeping

Production Company
Makar Productions / Theatre Workshop

Robert Rae

Robert Rae
Ghazi Hussein
Saleyha Ashan
Lucy Kaya
James McSharry
Roxana Pope

Eddie Dick

Gary Lewis
Nabil Shaban
Alison Peebles
Alia Alzougbi

Running Time: 107 mins 


Trouble Sleeping tells the story of a Palestinian refugee, Ahmed, and his struggle to survive and remain a good man. He is about to be deported from the UK and be forced into a return to the Middle East which is fraught with danger. Another refugee, Halla, knows a secret which can save Ahmed but the cost of revealing that secret will have terrible consequences for her. Trouble Sleeping is based on the true stories of refugees in Scotland and was made with their direct involvement in all aspects of the production.


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