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Makar Productions - True North

True North

True North

Production Company
BBC Films 
Filmstiftung NRW
Ariel Films
Samson Films
Makar Productions

Steve Hudson

Steve Hudson

David Collins
Eddie Dick
Sonja Ewers
Benjamina Mirnik

Peter Mullan
Gary Lewis
Martin Compston
Steven Robertson
Angel Li

Sales Agent
Bankside Films

 Running Time: 95 mins 55 secs


A heavily-indebted Scottish trawler calls into port - the ship’s mate intent on filling the coffers by smuggling cigarettes. Only there are no cigarettes; this time there is only twenty Chinese would-be immigrants …

Fearing the loss of their livelihood, the men are driven to do desperate things. But the cost of human trafficking upsets the scales and there is always a price to pay. In TRUE NORTH two worlds collide with tragic consequences.



The trailer for True North can be viewed on the BBC web site by clicking here.

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