The Hell of It

The Hell Of ItEight killings. All in one night. All on the same street. Not one clue as to the motive or identity of an elusive killer.

Six months in and Malachy Callaghan is the last, burnt-out detective left on an investigation that is going nowhere.

Then, across town, Zoe Lucetti, a firebrand young detective, shoots dead a teenaged gunman whose weapon matches one of the eight slayings.

Newly partnered, chasing the first real lead their case has ever known, Callaghan and Lucetti quickly learn that they have entered into a deadly game; a race to apprehend not one serial killer but a whole organized team. And when the tables are turned, when the detectives themselves become the hunted, it soon becomes clear that this elaborate plot is not about killing as an art but as sport.

Writer: Rae Brunton.

A co-production with Yoyo Films (England).


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